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Engineering Technology

TANGENT has a business partner for design and engineering with more than 70 years of production,operation and project construction experience in the field of chlorine and alkali, and has more than 20 patented technologies in the chlorine ane alkali industry.


TANGENT has the following technical advantages:


TANGENT can design the chlor-alkali unit according to customers' requirements.The designed production unit can switch freely between NaOH and KOH products, so that users can quickly realize product replacement by changing the raw materials.


TANGENT can provide modular supply for chlor-alkali units,and each production unit can be integrated and skid-mounted.All equipment, pipes and instruments are assembled and debugged in the factory, and the device can be quickly put into operation after simple installation upon arrival at the customer's site.


In the primary brine treatment unit, we can provide PTFE membrane, ceramic membrane primary brine refining technology and supply. we can also provide mirabilite production sodium sulfate production technology and supply.


TANGENT can provide brine to remove ammonia and organic production technology and supply Can provide brine to remove aluminum ion production technology and supply. Can provide brine to remove iodide ion production technology and supply.Can provide brine to remove silicon ion production technology and supply.


Provide chelate resin tower production technology and supply


TANGENT can provide complete sets of design and supply for various types of electrolytic cells of lm2,1.35m2,2.7m2 and 3.3m2 according to the different production scale of customers.


TANGENT can provide sodium hypochlorite technology and complete sets of equipment.


TANGENT can provide complete set of automatic ignition hydrochloric acid production equipment (including by-product steam).